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Mediation services - first steps

MIAM: Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting

Court application sign-off £50
(available once you have attended a MIAM)


The law states that you should attend a MIAM with a family mediator before you submit an application to the courts (unless you are exempt). A MIAM is an individual, confidential meeting between you and the mediator. The mediator will provide you with information about the mediation principles and procedures. You will also be assessed for your suitability for mediation services.


MEDIATION: Meetings are usually for 90 minutes



A joint or separate meeting where the mediator will help you both to facilitate communication. The mediator is an independent and impartial third person who will help you to reach a mutually agreeable solution. They are not permitted to provide you with legal advice, however, they are able to provide you with family law knowledge to aid your decision-making.

Mediation services - your documents

Child Arrangements Plan: £130

Open Financial Statement: £100

Memorandum Of Understanding: £180

Court Sign-off: £50


Once you have completed mediation, your agreements can be written up.

The mediator will produce a Memorandum Of Understanding, Open Financial Statement and/or Child Arrangements Plan. If these documents are then given to a solicitor, they can prepare any paperwork that is needed by the court and request that your agreement be turned into a legally binding court order.

PayPal & Debit Card/Credit Card Payment Methods Available

Mediation Works

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What if I’d rather go to court?
The law says that you must show that you have at least considered mediation before you can take a case to court, unless there are special circumstances involved, like domestic violence.
Can a mediator give me a divorce?
No. You’ll need to legally end your marriage or civil partnership, but you won’t have to physically go to court for this. I can support you with the documents you will need to submit, and when to do that.
Do we have to pay for mediation?

Legal aid is available for mediation. This means that if you’re eligible, it might be free for you. I can show you where to go for eligibility checks.

Is mediation about trying to get us to stay together?
No. Mediators are not counsellors, and will not suggest you stay together.
I help you work out what happens when you split up.

"Julia is kind, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. She put me at ease during a difficult and emotional time. Julia and the team were professional and efficient. Have already recommended to a friend and wouldn't hesitate to do the same again."

Emily T.

Helping families reach amicable agreements in a less stressful and less expensive way. You get to decide the outcome, instead of the courts deciding for you. I am here to guide you by sharing legal knowledge and offering understanding & empathy to your situation.

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